youtalkmedia slide 3Having the right marketing tools is key to any business’s success. Without a strategic marketing plan, and the right tools even the best businesses wont be able to reach their potential clients.

YouTalkMedia specializes in Guerilla Marketing, as well as Facebook and Google advertising.

Cartoon Gorilla TieWhat Is Guerilla Marketing?
Guerilla marketing is a grass roots marketing method that is used to cheaply and effectively market a small business.  Online guerilla marketing consists of creating an online presence for a business on related forums, and answer websites.

facebookWhat is Facebook Advertising?
Facebook advertising is a marketing method that works by growing a page on Facebook that is followed by people who are interested in your product or service.  Facebook marketing is a great way to increase your presence and have customers find out abut new products or services you are launching.

google-logoWhat is Google Advertising?
Google advertising is a marketing method where you pay for clicks to your website from Google.   When someone searches for a service you offer, Google will list your website on top of everyone else.  This is a great way to let people find out about your company.