Justin is a young entrepreneur who started a summer company out of his basement.  After his company started to become successful he understood the need to create an online presence.  After his website was created, he was able to send customers, and potential customers to it so they could get up to date information about his business.


Alac has an amazing vintage clothing shop in Totonto.  Because of his constantly changing inventory, he needed a website where he could easily post images of new inventory, as well as remove images of inventory that has been sold.  Now Alac regularly makes posts when new inventory comes in to let his customers know to come in and take a look.


Sarah’s cupcakes are probably the best cupcakes you will ever try.  She worked for a catering business and saw the need for customized cupcakes for events such as weddings, and parties.  She now has a spot on the web where she can showcase her previous work.


Sophia runs a small beauty salon in Toronto.  When she expanded the salon to a new location she saw the need to create a website that would let people know about her business.


Greg is a self employed accountant working out of Toronto.  When he started his business he knew that having a website would instantly give him credibility.


Steven owns a catering business in Toronto.  After being asked for his website countless times by customers, he decided it was time to have one developed.  Now when someone asks for his website so they can share it with a friend, he has business card with the website on it to give them.


James runs a t-shirt printing studio in Toronto where he prints custom designs onto high quality t-shirts for clubs, schools, and events.  He now has a website to showcase his previous work, as well as a way for customers to see his pricing, and get a quote on t-shirt printing.