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Digital Marketing For Analog People

Digital Marketing For Analog People

From experience, I have come to learn that nearly all established business owners face a disconnect in understanding how to properly connect their businesses with the online world. That’s not to say that can’t be successful, nor that they’re not successful. And it definitely doesn’t mean that they are not hardworking. Quite the contrary.

Technological advanced have been made at an unprecedented rate, and, unless it was their full time job, busy professionals could never have been expected to keep up with all of it. Sure, the average adult may have some experience with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & LinkedIn – but with the average 16-24 year old spending up to three times more time daily on these platforms than any other age group, it’s clear why the disconnect between older professionals and digital marketing exist.

Let me be clear. If the young adults of today had the same drive and work ethic and as already established professionals; they would blow all of their competition out of the water. It doesn’t matter the connections they had growing up, not the experience or lack thereof in their industry – they would absolutely dominate the market. The truth is I have grown in the thick of the ‘millennial’ era, and although I would prefer not to be associated with the stereotypical lazy and entitled mentality, I will admit that I have had more than enough experience dealing with it.

We live in a time where anyone, and any information is readily available at the click of a button. We live in a time where you can open an app, and instantly send a message to a complete stranger to build a connection with them. You would be absolutely shocked at the sheer number of multi-millionaire CEOs (WHO ARE WILLING TO TALK AND CONNECT) that are just a few clicks away from anybody. Young people know this is all possible. Yet almost nobody reaches out to them. The tools available are unlike anything anyone has ever had, and yet they are being completely squandered by today’s generation.

Having grown up understanding today’s technology, if an entrepreneur is not incredibly successful in today’s environment – they are either not putting in the work, or they really, really suck.

Throughout my, albeit short life, I have already started, and managed several – some would say too many – small businesses of my own. I do still run a few small businesses on the side, but I’ve found that my true passion isn’t in running the businesses themselves – it’s crafting the marketing campaigns around them that cause the businesses to be successful.

I truly care about and get invested in each and every project I work on. So let me help you. You know your business, you know your customer demographic, and you know your ideal target market. I know how to reach them and turn them into customers.

Written By: Kristopher Sauvageot